70 Days I like Running

all I needed was two good runs to make me feel more like me…..one was planned to be shorter, one longer, and well one became longer, the other, was good too…even with lots of snow and ice, it felt so good to just get out and move….even soaking my feet in icy water that I thought was covered with solid ice didn’t bother me…..but yeah it was cold

Two good days, and not a bad week, a few spins on the bike trainer…some strength training….all helped my head get on straight, and focused, but better, I feel better…aiming first at the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon….and then, the Victoria Full in October……that’ll be enough.

It’s been a while since I’ve run 26.2, but it feels time, and it’d be a nice way to celebrate my 63rd year…..so a half, half marathon training, and once that’s done, focusing on weekly runs to aim at Victoria….

I imagine, I’ll be leading a group towards the Edmonton Full, but my goal will be just to do that….my aim will be to get to that distance, but will aim at my own goal…

For now though, getting to that 21K will be enough, and should get me through the winter, and hopefully spring will arrive at some time

I’m smiling on the inside….

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