69 days left kinda good kinda not

not sure if this is the end of last week, or for the start of this week……I was kind of underwhelmed by last week’s training – except for the morning of hill repeats on Thursday – but I kind of feel okay…..but for some reason I wasn’t able to get a long run done this weekend..I was going to try again today, but not feeling the best…COVID maybe? or just worn down…..body temp is normal, I don’t have any other symptoms other than feeling blah…….running, when I start running I immediately feel fine, like this is what I need to do, but today was my new normal…all pumped when I head for bed, and then sleep in, have breakfast, feel like doing nothin’ then go out and run, too late to do anything with any real distance, and just run….

I’m not worried about Vancouver, I’ll get my runs done, I may do something long on Thursday or Friday this week…the distances are not so extreme that I can’t do long runs back to back…..but, I do have some appointments…..shots for Shingles and Phenomena, and I need to get some more blood work done…so will depend on how that works, but all good…I will be fine…

I’m planning on adding more time into the runs once the snows melt, and I no longer need extra traction, then I’ll add hours…I just cannot seem to get to that with the YakTrax……..but yeah, I’m already thinking beyond May 1st, so that’s a good sign…so here’s what I’ve got planned for the final week of February?

tuesday4K Tempo & Spin 1 hour
wednesday4 Hill Repeats
thursday5K Steady & Spin 1 hour
saturday4K Steady & Spin 1 hour
sunday12K & Swim
mondaySwim and Spin and Strength
tuesday4K Tempo & Spin

I wanna hit the weight room, and some bod weight strength sessions…and cross train, I need to get my ass into the pool…and I now have a free gym membership with this Run Club I’m now in charge of, so hitting the gym, yoga, spin classes….I have the world open to me, so, well….looking forward

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