68 Days A Rest Day. No more sugar ?

a rest day……a hard day at the office, after I just felt dead…so, ate badly, not enough water, overloaded on coffee, and now tea, and SUGAR!……and pizza for dinner?

I know I know….I need to eat healthy, and for the most part I do…lots of fruit and veggies, real food, I normally do a lot of cooking for our main meal, I like using lots of veggies when I do, lots of steaming and stir frying…..but my weakness is coffee in the mornings, tea in the evenings and sugar in each…..some days, yeah, if the coffee’s good, I can handle it without sugar, but mostly I need that sweetness…a lot of the time I wonder if it’s the caffeine or the sugar I crave….

Oddly enuff the one place I seem to prefer black no sweetener is on the west coast…maybe it’s the salt air?…and yes, I never use salt on anything……I’ve made a few numerous attempts, and always fail…..folk fest hill usually works as well, so maybe it’s location?

I just know that sugar doesn’t do me any favors…..it’s definitely an addiction like nicotine would be, it’s hard and harsh to break the habit…..but with a combination of age, and wanting to slim down, and break down the sugar rush and crash cycle I know I have to……..so, here it is here…..a line drawn in the sand..as of this point, NO MORE SUGAR……!!!

I’ve never been all that thin, but at times stronger…and yes, I have had pink hair…….but yep, in my Ironman Triathlon Day…..at least fit….

There was a plan to spin and run today/this afternoon/this evening…..I’m not sure if this was a sugar crash, or just my head telling me to take a break after 3 pretty hard days in a row……but I need to pick this up, and maybe getting away from the sugar rush and crash, and always feeling hungry will help…and yes, being tired doesn’t help with those healthy food choices…..

So yeah, enjoying an apple, my final sugared cup of tea (I’ve never used cream in anything) and then, well water?…….maybe lemon in hot water……but yeah, at 63, I guess it’s time to start trying to be fit and healthy…I’ve got a half marathon to run in 68 days

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