67 Days until the BMO Half Marathon

so, blew off a training run today…..I guess the cold temps scared me inside, so hopped onto the bike trainer and did an hour, and some strength training after….but still, I could have used a 5K.

I did manage coffee and tea without sugar today, but too much coffee, and I think I ate way too much crap today…..I’m staring at an apple now, should have made that my snack today, not, well, garbage in the form of simple cheap carbs…..my head and body needs less of that….

and I know this…..not sure how many times that has to be beaten into my head……..but at my age it’s getting more and more important….real food versus simple garbage…..

This was me over 2 years ago…..my advice to all…never ever fall on your head……yes that was and still is scary….knocked out, didn’t realize it until later….and yeah, as my physio told me after, I was really really lucky, any harder, and well, my wife would have been a widow.

Two years later and I’m still dealing with the aftermath, post concussion syndrome they call it….it’s not constant, but every so often my head reminds me that it’s in charge……and no one seems to know when the headaches will go bye bye…….some days are better than others, and most of the time, being active helps….at least during, the morning after not so much sometimes…sometimes the head says you’ve done so much, and yeah, sometimes balance, nausea becomes my morning’s……..

I know caffeine doesn’t help, and maybe sugar is part of the problem, I don’t know for sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to give that a try…..I’ve got 67 days to get to a race, an in person race, and the first since I cracked my skull open…..something to celebrate on May 1st hopefully.

I know that a spin on this machine isn’t the same as a run, but I also need to cross train…the endurance training helps, as does doing lots of different stuff……..it seems that back when I was doing lots of stuff, in a large variety of places helped…..I always felt fitter, and my life was all about doing, rather than being a viewer……so I need to get back to that….strength, yoga, bike, swim, and run….and social……

That social thing is about to become overwhelming maybe….as well as working at my Running Room, and instructing virtual clinics, I’m about to be in charge of a run club at a local fitness centre, which is really, really cool….I get free use of their facility..so lots of weights and classes, and yoga….and, well, I’ve just been told looking after a run club at my Running Room store, is, well, in store…so more running, and I’ll get paid to run……so lots on my dinner plate, but lots of running, and lots of social interaction……so all good, and heading into a positive direction.

It is almost the end of the week, another week….I need to pick things up, and hopefully have a busy 4 days ahead…….I’ll have to make it so

and yeah, without sugar….

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