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it’s seriously hard to look away, and I wonder why no one’s acting to stop this?

anyway, this blog isn’t about politics, it’s about me, and running, and for now, my journey to the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon….

today was good…a short 5K run, getting a look at routes around the club to get ready for this new Run Club…..and yeah I got lost……

this is what it looked like:


and that was what it was supposed to look like….


Wee, I like an adventure, hopefully those in the club don’t mind…

I didn’t have time for any pix today…..I was busy just trying to get my bearings….lots of crescents…..the weather’s better, there’s still lots of ice everywhere, but I lived, and my YakTrax are getting a good workout…..Today I noticed what everyone – including me – have warned about.. Trax are okay in snow and on ice, but once on a hard concrete or asphalt surface for any length of time, those springs begin to bend and break….so that would mean a new pair every winter…the pins are all good, but yeah, the rest is a mess..

this is going to be an interesting weekend, tomorrow we’re doing a bra talk in my virtual online/Zoom run clinic, and then there’s this new run club starting sunday……..

I’m seriously thinking about making this more of my life by taking an official course to become an official personal trainer…it’s not like I don’t already do that, but having that qualification after my name, having the ability to sign up and train clients would be kid of cool…..I’d like to focus on training those like me….older, but, maybe those too that are new to running, and being active, I could do that……..but am still thinking about it…I have the knowledge, but it’d be a huge expensive step….

anyway, onto the weekend..

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