63 days to BMO. I’m a Running Room guy

a pretty good way to begin the day……a new Run Club has begun.

A short run, but a good run…tomorrow, long runs are now mondays, long run mondays…..

today, day one went well, as nice group, and I’m sure it’ll grow.

It’s been a while since I’ve run with a group, or with anyone…it was awesome, a nice change….having someone set a pace, a group of others with a variety of experience…..a bit of an adventure, but a fun run……

It’s always a surprise to see how quickly the days go by, 60 days is not really a long time..yes, it is only for a half marathon, but, well, 21K/13 miles……..but, yeah…I’d like to aim for a time, but the first in person race in a long time, and I ain’t young anymore….so hope for the best, and just run happy?

A visit to the weight room is in my future, tomorrow…time to add some strength to the training….


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