62 Days. Training week 9, of 18.

My 2nd Sunday in a row without a long run, or a run beyond 10K…..

Began a new run club yesterday, which was a blast…a fun group, and a good start, a good beginning.

Had on planned on continuing on for 7K afterwards….but well, social, coffee afterwards….and my plans were derailed……..which was okay…

For the first time since the beginning of 2020 and COVID, I woke up for a run early on a Sunday, and I was excited to do so….this morning not so much……it was amazing how quickly, after waking up for an 8:30 run every Sunday morning for almost 27 years…….so it was nice to get back to that, and rebooting that habit…

I know I have to go out first thing, jump out of bed and run….but today was an example why that doesn’t happen; a medical appointment at 9 o’clock, and then, well it’s cold out yet again….not all that sunny…not all that appealing…and I’ve got no get-up and go today….so, maybe tomorrow?

I’ve altered my schedule for this week, for today…I got out for a short 6K fun run at some point, and that felt good….I picked out a route with a bit of climbing, so not the mileage, but the extra effort I think sets some of that off, and balances out the whole training package.

Saying that, here’s this weeks schedule, week # 9 of 18…..there’s lots of time to get back on track, I’ve got the experience to know what I need to do (run!)….and just be active…cross training, building that endurance is important overall, and getting stronger.

Monday        Feb 28tha 6K fun run
Tuesday        Mar 1stmaybe 10K early effortless – the a 5K run club run in the evening
Wednesday  Mar 2nda post to get that blood work done 5K steady run, if time SVAC weights!
Thursday      Mar 3rdHill Repeats early, first thing…..and if done in time more weights, or just a spin later
Friday            Mar 4thAn easy 10 and a swim and possibly a visit to SVAC for weights!
Saturday       Mar 5th4K steady run…a 1 hour spin on the bike trainer.
Sunday         Mar 6thA run club run and a long effortless run to get to 14K afterwards, and possibly a swim…

I have to admit, the focus is off, I think organizing and being involved in this new Run Club will inspire…..I’m sure it will….more runs with people around me…..the weather is getting a bit better, hopefully more and more of the ice will disappear…..and we need more sunny days…

a nice advantage of a run through a new to me community, on a path I’ve never been on, is catching up on the neighborhood news….apparently yoga’s a thing and so is, well, people not picking up after their dogs…good to know..

This should be a good week…I’ve got a lot of plans, a few other things planned, so training should be right on if not close to those planned ……

with just over 60 days to go, head down, and time to focus on the goal…


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  1. I love the app, charge running. It’s group runs virtually on the hour with a coach…the social support is awesome for getting out the door

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