57 Days – Recovery?

so a rest day…….this was supposed to be a short run and a spin on the bike trainer day….but

well, a really hard almost 6K in the snow yesterday, and two shots at shoveling snow wore me out. I ‘ve a HUGE training day set for tomorrow, Sunday….so today, working on next wee’ks schedule, and getting myself ready.

I’m still looking after a virtual learn to run clinic, taking care of a two day a week run club, as well as getting ready for a 5K clinic starting next month, and well, I’ve got this BMO Vancouver Half Marathon in May, it seems like a good day to read, write, plan…and yes spin….

Spinning seems to be my outlet for the days I don’t feel like doing much…….like today….so an hour, just turning thru the gears, keeping the heart rate up, building my endurance without high impact……so that felt good….

Spent this morning learning a bit about nutrition, iron, the importance of iron in our diet, especially women’s….and about phytate and phytase in our diets, and what a supplement called Equal Access. It’s a digestive enzyme designed to provide access to the micronutrients otherwise bound in food by the anti-nutrient Phytate.  These micronutrients – zinc, iron, magnesium, and calcium, are all critical to your health, gut health, well-being, and immune system. So I’m in…..I’ve had gut problems most of my life, so this may be an answer…..

Even though I feel a little worn down….I’m still figuring this being 63 out everything I hear or read tells me I’m supposed to be sedentary, watching lots of TV and playing bingo or something…..that ain’t me….

I keep watching this again and again…the Fit Generation...about us seniors…pretty inspirational…also it was all filmed in Vancouver/the west coast….so two reasons to keep watching over and over again….

The truth is, I have no idea what 63 is supposed to be like…how am I supposed to act, what I’m supposed to listen to, relate to……..seriously I seem to have more in common with those way younger then me..music, movies, just basic interests…..I just wish there was more research into this stuff, all I see advice to take it easy, not to work too hard, not to run or train too often……based on what?

So I guess, I’m an experiment of one?

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