44 Days to BMO Vancouver. An okay week

Okay, so well…not a bad week. I seem to have worked out that every other day seems to work okay, or well, I will still attempt a rest day a week, 1 active rest day (whatever that means?) but I guess what it means, if i feel burned out, and need a rest day, that’s my head to take one…so that was today, after an awesome Thursday!…A Thursday the way this was supposed to work!…all day, a life the way I’d like it to be…

I hit the weight room at my fave new club

it was just a all over the place work out, but felt so good…….it was nice to hit free weights again, and find my way around my new digs……

I have a standard routine, I decided to focus even more than usual…I don’t need to do arms and just stick on the big multi muscle groups…benches, squats, leg presses, rows…..heavier (for me) low reps, and no more than 3 or 4 sets each…in and done in about 30 minutes……

I kid of screwed this up a bit…I used have a routine; run then weights then swim…yesterday that began with the weights, and why not run up a hill afterwards…it was tough, but that run, one of my many fave routes felt so good…the sun was shining, it was long sleeved t-shirt weather…so all great

and I got to go down one of my favorite alleys…..and the into the pool for an easy 1000 meters

so I paid for all that today…after maybe the best sleep in a while, I felt sore, I knew I had a busy day at the RRoom store, and yeah, was a little sore walking around selling shoes…but that felt good too.

I’m looking towards a good weekend…after such a positive week should be a given….It’s time to polish off the bikes, get the trainer tires off, everything cleaned, greased, and ready for the summer and to hit the roads……yep, that half marathon is 44 days away, which means Sunday I have a 14+K run on tap, something shorter Saturday..I wanna spin on the bike somewhere, and a swim Sunday would be good, but where??????…a few of our pools are closed now for repairs, and my main choice has a huge event on for the whole weekend……so, maybe some strength training instead, but feel really good, and yeah, let’s go to Vancouver!

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