42 Days: I will do the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon

this is old old old…..finally figured out where I am…the Beach Tower Apartments on Harwood Street in Vancouver, back when I had a lot of hair, all one colour…….

So, 42 days, I was supposed to do 14K today, again didn’t happen, again…..I think I’ve hit a runner’s block – like a writer’s block – it just seems like every time I plan a long run, a longish run, and something happens, that at one time wouldn’t have stopped me…

Today, a ton of snow, slush, and just not a comfortable day, and was a struggle to start the day with my Run Clubbers….then, well, felt like breakfast, and after, decided, well, maybe I should take the pressure off, and switch distances…which sucks, but with just over a month to go, haven’t really done a good long wrong, I don’t see a spot where I could do that this week until Thursday…I could possibly do a 14K Thursday, another 10 on Saturday…and then another 10 on Sunday?…..but time always seems against me..and that’s not a good look for someone that’s retired…..but tomorrow, I’ve an ultrasound at noon, I have to fast, can I run at all on an empty stomach. I may just end up just riding my bike trainer tomorrow instead..or if i do run, yet another 5K

So? Unfortunately, the BMO Vancouver only has the option of an 8K, which would be fine…..I could do an 8K every day…….so do I step back, do the 8K, come back to do a 10K here in St. Albert on May 15th, and save my half marathon/full marathon for later this summer????……

I’ve got to go to Vancouver regardless…no matter how I feel about siting on an airplane next to someone, even just sitting on an airplane………I need the break, even just for 4 days would be good……

I’ll spend this week pondering….maybe I’ll skip the cross training, and will take whatever time I have, and just run……I was planning on hill repeats Wednesday and a long run Thursday…….but maybe, just run, sure, 14K Thursday….as a highlight…

so here’s what I’ve got planned for this coming week……….

MONDAY        MAR 21strun something in river valleyanything
TUESDAY        MAR 22ndstrength before workrun Club 6K in evening
WEDNESDAY  MAR 23rdrun in eveninganything
THURSDAY      MAR 24thrun 14K no matter what 
FRIDAY             MAR 25THstrength before workrun anything after work
SATURDAY      MAR 26th5K park runor just a 10K run somewhere early
SUNDAY           MAR 27th5K run clubriver valley run after

I’m still working on this….but it’s gotta go…..Monday’s usually a rest day, but I want something….anything, I have no idea how long my ultrasound will go, or if I can run after fasting for 10 hours……and then I guess I’ll see how I feel as the week goes, and if happy, then half marathon, if not, well, an 8K race along with a weekend of running for a weekend in Vancouver

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