The world has spoken with 41 days left

well, didn’t run today…went for a ultrasound, which mean drinking lots of water and fasting, so, really no way to work a run into today’s schedule…I work tomorrow. And have our run club tomorrow evening…..Wednesday, I’m home with my autistic daughter for the day, may be able to squeeze a short run into my evening…..and now, a funeral to go to mid-day Thursday, so the long run I had planned is not going to happen……work Friday, maybe a short run after…so, all I’ve got is Saturday and Sunday!

I’m not going to decide for sure until Sunday, if the weekend happens, well, I still may have to revert to the 8K in Vancouver…grrrrrrrr…….it’s not the worst, the course is around and through Stanley Park which is cool….I’d have plenty of time to run the day before, the day after and even after the 8K I can swim the Aquatic centre, and just enjoy myself for 4 active days……but, the Half Marathon was the overall goal…..

so sad if I have to bail, but the goal is to get away, have fun, and to enjoy myself….and better yet, I guess, the half marathon is just four 5K fun runs right?….

another frustrating week ahead but…..

Life, that’s life I guess…….I seem to be really good at taking wrong turns…..I’ve been think a lot about the best year of my life, 2019….things couldn’t have been better….I’d surrounded myself with a great group of people, there have been other times and places when that was true, but that year, there were four faces I wanted to see always…..every time they were in the store, my store, as a great day…I’m not sure why that fell apart, but for some reason, today, I’ve just been thinking a lot about that…how do I get that back?…..missing people seems to be what I do best…….it be better not to have to miss anyone, right?


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