when life sends you a bunch of roadblocks..

my new gig…Warren’s Run Club

yeah, this has been the worst spring ever to train for anything.

I know, making excuses, but every week, every time I have a training plan in place, life through you a curve ball…..

This week has become that in spades….a funeral, work, and just life…the weather… my goal this past Sunday was 14K, if that happened, well I was on my way to the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon….

Then, well, a huge dump of snow, lots of slush and ice, and a 14K became a 5K…so no problem right? I’ll do that 14K Monday…nope, booked for an Ultrasound, I had to fast for 9 hours…and well, not contusive to running much of anything…….so, today I made a pivot…

Still going to Vancouver, but going for an 8K in person and a 5K virtual…..I’m going to be there for four days, over the course of those 4 days I’ll be able to run and swim and possibly bike to my heart’s content….not the half marathon goal, but a goal

Maybe I can still do the Run Wild Half Marathon, or a half or even a full at some point this spring/summer/fall…..but for now, just to have fun…

And life is good….my Run Club is up and Running……I’m about to start instructing yet another virtual clinic..a 5K clinic this time, looks like my two days a week at the St. Albert Running Room is going to continue, so working hard, living life….the snow and ice should all be gone soon, so I can get the bike out and stop spinning my wheels on the bike trainer…….am starting to swim, so will keep adding, keep getting fit, hitting the weights….having fun, and enjoying life as that retired running guy….

and watch, now that I’ve bailed on the half marathon….my training time will improve, and the distances….I guess, the pressure valve has been removed, that’s usually just the way it is…


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