Watching the A Awards and wondering why left food has gone numb?

You know what, I like to watch?

Had a good morning, a fun morning run that felt actually really fine…I enjoyed it.

A nice cool morning, a little snow and ice, and even though I had a route planned, it was new, and had to figure out where the hidden paths and trails were… runner partner actually felt a little lost at time…..which is my MO….me, I was never lost (well, maybe once)

Am looking towards a good week…..feeling positive…but, am waiting to hear a few things from my MD…tests done, now to hear results….am I feeling like I do, because of something, or, have I just gotten old?

I enjoy running….I don’t know why I have to keep reminding myself of that….it’s like making music..sometimes the guitar gets dusty, well, sometimes you forget, you miss it, you go for a run, and you go WTF, why am I not always doing this…?

The distance doesn’t seem to matter….once I take that first step, getting to that first step, any fear, worry or concern, it just feels great….I do like mapping out routes for our groups, I like making up training plans, and sharing all I’ve learned more or less…….having run, biked, and swam for 27 years….I’ve been through it all…..the good, the bad, and the oops, where’s a tree…….it’s nice to share….the joy of running – like the joy of cooking, only without the food?…….

Running just is………so we’ll talk


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