31 Days to go; what to do when you don’t feel your best?

as great as yesterday’s evening felt…a nice strong run, and yeah felt good….

this morning, not so much…a headache, front of the forehead, the concussion reminding me it hasn’t yet gone away?

I wasn’t supposed to meet a friend for a 6K run this morning, before a spin class…well, bailed on the run….I know that some days, the run helps with the pain, but this morning was bad enough that it made me feel tired as well, really like not wanting to do much of anything….

Am still contemplating the spin class…it looks like only 3 of us have registered..and I really want to do something..it’s just a 45 minute spin, and I’d do only what I can do…so, well…I do have to get out of the house, so maybe I’ll make the attempt.

The phone visit with my MD may have affected me a bit to….no cancer as nice to know, but what does an enlarged prostate mean?…..and how on earth do I have higher numbers when it comes to my cholesterol? My diet is usually pretty good, and I’m always active?….I’m at 5.7 when it should be around 5.2, not what that means?……..but well, time for more veggies and fruit and real food….

Anyway, a day off, let the head heal……….there’s always tomorrow


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