21 Days: A Good Day to end a Good Week

Twenty One Days……..Today was one day

A run with friends, with my club’s Run Club

All you got to do is take another step and keep on going – Terry Fox.

Yeah, a fantastic run with a fantastic group…I don’t know how this happens, but today, four people, let me lead and they followed….I said let’s do a hill, we did a hill….I said let’s do 8K, and we did….

Then at some point I thought, I’ve gotta go for a walk….just a random walk…..a few kilometers….

did I mention today, like yesterday, it was a windy day, very windy…huge wind gusts…..during the run we managed to find spots, a few spots out of the wind

The walk wasn’t bad…lots of flooding on the trails, but I managed to find my way around that, and yeah, lots of other people and runners out……..the weather doesn’t stop us, I guess just getting outside is what attracts us

One of my favorite spots….it’s a healing circle/ a nice spot for a little meditation……I watched this runner go by on one side of the river, and back passed me…..perfect form, kind of makes you wanna move too, inspiring….

I love that, watching others, active….running, skate boarding, on bikes…whatever…..active, people active, being active……it’s good to see

I do feel a little sore tonight, a good week, a really active week, and afterwards, I’m feeling some built up lactic acid, but it’s a good soreness…..I did stuff, everyday….and every day makes me stronger

I have to admit, I’m feeling my age……..what I used to recover from quickly, lingers a bit longer, and I have to make sure to rest, recover, watch the diet, sleep….and make variety my friend….

I’m busy working on the plan for this coming week…I see swimming in my future…the cold water feels good on the legs, it’s a great way to recover from a swim…..and spin classes for variety, work on that endurance and speed…and yes lots of running…..

I’m not too concerned with the 8K race in Vancouver in a couple of weeks….it’s nudging myself up to that 6:30/K pace I’m going to maintain at the Edmonton Half Marathon in August….my timing will have to be impeccable.. but I think if I work on that strength and speed – lots of hill repeats – and maintain that once summer hits, I should be okay…….will be okay – yes Yoda there’s no try, either you do, or you do not – this week wasn’t bad for speed……a couple 6:44/Ks was a highlight…and yesterday, a 6:44 for a 7K was good, this morning’s 7:44 was slow…but there were a few traffic lights to stop for, and I forgot to stop the watch when we were done, and at one point we hit 5:54/K…..so, yeah, I guess signing up for that pace bunny position woke me up…..so bring it on…


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