20 Days; Head Hurts a rest day

this was me 2 and a half years ago…the result of being stupid and running without traction on a really icy day…..I no longer look like that, but the concussion continues to be an issue…..it reminds me that it’s still there, and when I’ve over done things…so today, a rest day, I’m no longer superman.

I’ve had an amazing 7 days in a row, so a day of rest makes sense…there may be a swim and a walk later today, some foam rolling, yoga…and maybe a nap.

I keep thinking I’m over this, and usually a day of training seems to help…but right after yesterday’s run, the head started to hurt…today it feel like it’s dead center on to of the head, and behind the eyes…..

I was warned, if I didn’t look after myself, let myself heal, the recovery may be a long and prolonged recovery.

I did, but, oh well…..I struggle along..

The toughest thing is reminding myself that I’m older, and still injured…it was a very traumatic injury….I’m remined of that every time I tell someone that I did fracture my skull and see the looks of those faces….yeah, I did come close to killing myself, but, I didn’t……..but over 2 years has become pretty frustrating, it’s sort of like getting older, there’s nothing I can do about it, I just have to keep it in mind.

So, will spend today chilling, planning, and realizing that this is where getting better and stronger happens, rest and recovery……so will have to build that into my getting quicker plan……Mondays seem to work best, so today…chill….

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