12 Days…..one day you’re down, the next you’re up?

you go for a run with friends..and I then you feel okay…

It was just short, just under 5K, but a couple of friends, fast female friends, and OMG, we got a little lost and had fun…..

Another day, a different day, and I feel okay…a day busy selling shoes, solving problems…a visit to the SVAC, chat, a run, all good……how does one day always feels different then the other, how can I be so down on myself one day, and now feel really happy being me…..

Tuesday’s a good day for me, Tuesday I sell shoes, Tuesday evening run….guess it’s the positive feeling of wherever I am?….positive atmosphere……

Taking on Run Clubs, doing stuff, leading people is kind of good; I always feel it weird that people trust and follow me…or better yet listen to anything I say….but all good…..

my concussion is bothering me right now, a bit of a headache…why ? is it my prostate shrinking meds?…is it the coffee I had this morning, the tea this evening?…or just is and wants to remind me that it’s still here….?

Tomorrow? a day off, another Run Club evening…..and well, let’s see what happens?


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