10 Days to go; a great day…

I’m feeling really tired, and really awesome…..

4 runs in 3 days, some strength training…a group run with a new Run Club went really well..lots of feedback and, well, more than a few say they’ll join in next week, and possibly this Sunday….so pretty great

I just feel really positive and good for some reason…..even with not a lot of sleep last night, but yeah..looking forward to a busy and good weekend….

The trip to Vancouver is a week away, and I’m pretty pumped..sure, it’s only for an 8K..but the weekend is what it’ll be about, workin’ the Expo, meeting up with friends, looking forward to smelling the salt sea air…even if it rains the whole time, it’ll be fun…..hopefully.

Today’s run was oh so cool…..and easy. After a couple of good runs yesterday, figured today was all about burning off the lactic acid…and yeah, saw a few geese, not a lot of other runners…made sure there was a hill, and felt strong

So life is good…..I’ve spent most of the day listening, reading, answering emails, making music…and include a run and a random visit to my store, sold a few shoes and a pair of sunglasses just because I was there…all good…

Yeah…moving forward….making a commitment to do at least 10K every Sunday, if not for every run..actually that would be a good goal…..there is that half marathon at the end of August..I’ve a few 10K races in my near future….but, I just wanna run, swim, bike, yoga, strength training, run clubs, instructing…all good……positive, feeling positive


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