9 Days…having the time of my life!

seriously…yeah, I whine, I have my down days, maybe depression is me?….but seriously, I’m having fun, most of the time!

I guess I should smile more…….but yeah, today….was a day just for a walk and hanging around my Running Room, after a morning Zoom call with my 5K virtual clinic…what an amazing group….we had a guest speaker, someone who’s pretty much done things I dream about – ultra marathons, triathlons, you name it, 24 hour races – but one of the greatest thing about doing this, it’s like having a personal trainer every week…….what an opportunity……

I guess 6 days between now and a trip to Vancouver…I’m pretty disappointed not doing the half marathon distance I wanted, but just to get out of the frozen prairies and near the ocean and salt air, geat food and friends, should be great….mountains, I’ll be working the Running Room booth next Saturday, it’s going to be a long day, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to see a lot of friends I haven’t seen forever…..

So the goal?…and really good 8K…I’ve got to run to the start, and from the finish to my Air B&B, so will end up being 10K….I’ll get out for a Run Friday when I arrive, and Monday I plan on Running, going for a swim, and spending a lot of time wandering around…Granville Island,….English Bay…cannot wait….

I’ll have to look after this virtual clinic somehow from there…Zoom Meets I can do from anywhere….

I may try a Facebook live thing as well…but I’ll plan that by ear, it’s a vacation, a working vacation? but, well, a change to recharge my batteries and enjoy myself.

This weekend, and the week ahead…it’s an 8K, so whatever….one run club run tomorrow with the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club – it should be 10K, Monday will be all about a run, a spin class, a swim, Tuesday and Wednesdaywork run, have fun, pack on Thursday, and leaving on a jet plan Friday morning…busy, busy, busy…

Future…a 10K on May 15th (can I rock that?) a Half Marathon in August……and let’s aim at a full in September/October….let’s see how quick a 63 year old can move……and how far.

I’d kind of like to make a 21K every week, maybe Sundays, or Monday mornings would be perfect…just to have that base…with Sunday’s Run Club, to do that I have to run after that first run club to make up the distance……..but yeah, they say to run faster, to run more..so, to test that out, maybe I can be a test case for 63 year old runners recovering from a concussion…..training smarter, but lots, cross training, strength training, having fun…..that would make for a good summer!!!

so, on to Sunday, and life…..

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