why do I need to rest and recover

I’m feeling pretty tired this morning, and sore, and my head hurts a bit more tan usual.

I had planned a spin class this morning, but a) I need to shop for a new clothes dryer, because, well, marital bliss, and our’s broke down, and b) I’m worn out.

There’s always that risk of over-training, but a lot of that isn’t doing too much, it’s not resting and recovering and skipping that focus on nutrition.

I spent the last week doing a lot of things, but was active at some point for 6 out of 7 days, some days twice a day, and today, Monday, a day of rest.

Recovery is when everything happens, the result of all that training happens; the body – and I believe the head – rebuilds better….it works for muscles, they repair themselves, and as long as the building blocks are there (nutrition! – fat, carbs, protein, especially the protein) everything comes back stronger….so yeah, no spin today, but tomorrow, back to running and biking, being me, better, like the million dollar man, build back better.

I’ve been really digging into everything I should know about nutrition and hydration, and weird but better, I’ve been researching female specific health and nutrition..and not just for them, but a lot of what’s true for them, is very true for all of us….yes, there are women specific concerns, but what we need in it, how we should train, it all makes sense…and also what’s nonsense is also true for us, all of us….

All the building blocks, yes, we need fat, we need carbs, and we NEED protein…….I’ve begun cutting out the crap, added the good (yogurt!)…..making sure I have a selection of protein into my daily diet…it works, I’m not hungry all the time, and I feel way better, and not being hungry, I’m not grabbing anything I can get my hands on to fill that void, to battle just being tired all the time……seriously it works.

So does rest…..today, feet up, maybe a later in the day walk with the daughter, just to clear the head…but back to it tomorrow, and then the weekend in Vancouver…

The summer’s set…and bunch of 10K races, a half marathon in Edmonton at the end of August, and full marathon in Victoria in the fall….so the schedule can be set, including rest and recover, strength training..and food and even more important, friends and family..

That’s a huge part of the equation too right?…..they give up a bit so I can do what I do, but, you have to keep that part of the deal in the plan…..I do have a wedding anniversary next week……so that’s just as important as the training……family, friends, and me time……

In the weeks to come, this blog will become more on that..and my journey..if you’ve been following, I do have a few health issues I have to pay attention to that…woke up with that concussion telling me to relax this morning, a but of a head ache……my prostate medication I think is working, and yes, I have to pay attention to being 63..so more attention to rest, recovery and DIET, and hydration.

I am still staying connected to my 75 Day Hard program….it doesn’t include rest, now it does….but to consistency, to hydration, to staying motivated, the plan works…still not sure about the cold showers, but it’s helping…

so, off to shop, and then, well…..a quest day of yard work…

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