Yep, getting ready for the trip to that BMO Vancouver Marathon for the weekend.

I cannot believe I’m flying all that way to run an 8K race, and to work for the Running Room at the Expo for a day…I’ll get paid, and a good chance to see a lot of friends..time to connect, and reconnect.

I do have a new strategy of some sort, to pack minimally, I always pack a ton of stuff I don’t need, or use, and end up having to carry it to my accommodations all over the YVR airport and back again …the Air B&B that I’m staying at has a washer and I don’t need a lot of clothes, I can clean what I’ve brought….and have room to buy more!

The week up until now was great….a nice group of Runners with the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club Run Club on Sunday and Tuesday; Tuesday was a nice surprise……some new and a couple of old friends

…now to build on that…..I’ve got a bit invested in this, and I hope it becomes a success…..I’m working pretty hard to do that, and it’s nice to see it grow.

Wednesday, yesterday evening, yet another Run Club, building that community, and despite the weather, turned out pretty good

It was a nice night… another chance for me to run…and I sucked!!..I need to work on rest and recovery into my program….I just couldn’t get any speed up…

I have no idea why?…..I should have been strong enough to keep up, eventually I did; with any group I’m in charge of, I do like to be with the back of the packers so all have to look back to me, I usually make the route out on the fly……some times, and those in front know to turn around…so it all works…

I seem to be selling myself out a lot…two Run Clubs, I’m thinking of starting something casual during the week for those that can’t run evenings or on weekends, there’s a lot of them, but I just have to figure out how to fit all of that in with my life.

Tomorrow, an adventure begins, and then next week…who knows?

I’m really looking forward to this…this, I think will be my 10th Air B&B stay, and every time has always been really a nice surprise….great locations, and always have liked the casual and easy way things always work out…….I love Vancouver, and the experience I’ve had with where I’ve stayed has always been a part of that….

So tomorrow, a quick flight I hope, and then coffee on the beach!

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