a pretty great morning….

A good day, a pretty good weekend…..yesterday, worked the EXPO for the running room for a solid 10 hours…selling Garmins, and then helping with the taking everything down, packing up and shipping out…

It was fun, and I liked it, lots of talking, connections, sharing…..but did take a lot of me, standing for 10 hours the day before a race…add that to my list of things not to do…

So shuffling to the 8K today, instead of the 1/2 marathon distance was a good decision….

Have to admit, there were few moments this morning I did think of sleeping in a just not running….but, hey, I’m here, the run is why I came all this way…and it’s 8K…and it was good..

Would I liked to have been quicker, 55.54..my pace 6:42/K was okay, and I enjoyed myself…so many other runners!!!……there were a few sections where the road was pretty clogged, a few more hills than I thought there’d be…but my heart rate stayed pretty calm, heard a lot of heavy breathing around me, I never actually did….my avg heart heart rate was 144!!!….I usually expect to see 157..so all good, and I felt good at the end

as usual the first thought in my head was, is that all there is……it wasn’t the half marathon, with that, I am disappointed, but there will be other runs, and I have to keep training…and it was a good morning…

I did take a few short walk breaks…but kept running a lot more, and it all felt, in the end, felt good.

right now, it’s 3PM PDST, and there are still marathoners finishing, I can see them from my AirB&B, the announcer is still giving his all – I can’t believe that the people in the neighbourhood are cool with this, but, well, it hasn’t happened for 2 years….

Not sure if this is a good thing or not…one gent came up to our Garmin table and started talking us, not very happy, complained a bit about Garmin, and mentioned his age, 63!…I almost mentioned that this face

is also 63……..do I look that old?…….I was kind of shocked, and even though it didn’t feel like I was looking in a mirror, was I?

So next?

I’ve got to do a Vancouver virtual 5K, so will get that done tomorrow morning….then a day of shopping, walking, hanging out, enjoying Vancouver……then flying home first thing, early, early Tuesday, I’ve got a wedding anniversary on the menu (36 years)…and a Tuesday evening run club to get done…I guess I better plan for all of that….and more.

There is a 10K planned for May 10th, I may end up volunteering at a hydration station for that instead, bt a 10K in July, a half marathon here in Edmonton in August….am thinking about a full marathon in Victoria in the fall…..but, I know there are a few more races here in Vancouver in the fall too, so will have to think about that…

But yeah, 8K, a fun run, something I registered for, a good pace, I’m comfortable with that..content

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