how did I get so old and why does everything hurt?

that’s a lot of lines……Alice Cooper was right…..

After the disaster that was Sunday, today was alright.

The back is still an issue…..but hit the weight room, and then a 6.5K run at a 6.5 per K pace….and I survived

Found a trail I hadn’t run on before, but sort of always knew was there….it was sweet, off pavement have to always love that

It was flat, but sort of single track, and again, not paved, not a sidewalk

That all made for a good morning

I’ve got to figure out what the back ache was all about…I covered myself with some Peppermint Halo courtesy of something I got from Sage years ago…not sure if that was what worked, but I feel okay…just, you know how a scraped knee feels, that’s what part of my back feels like right now.

I have no idea where that pain came from, and yes I have felt it before…I thought it was an old injury, but I’ve never had an injury heal that quickly……hopefully it doesn’t come back.

The next goal…this weekend, volunteering at a race, doing package pick up, working a hydration station, and then I guess July 1st, a 10K in Edmonton, on Canada Day……..

A Half Marathon in August, and a full or a half somewhere in the fall….Victoria sounds good, a good place to return to, but, will there be something in Vancouver, Banff maybe….

hopefully the weather smartens up, it’s cold, windy….today a jacket, courtesy of Brooks, an old Race T-shirt, my fave Brooks tights and my ASICS Nimbus shoes…but, I need to start wearing shorts…t-shirts and sun screen….SOON!

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