Another night, another Run Club run

A good evening Run Club run, another 8 folks out for another fun 5K.

I love that part….taking a group of people, some experienced, some new, some quick, some quicker, some a little slower – ME – and all looking forward to a little fun…, the route I ran yesterday morning, became our route for this evening….and I wanna say that we enjoyed ourselves.

Slowly, this group has been building up, hopefully it continues to….but, it’s what I love doing, making it social, keeping it fun and relaxed……and yes, a social fun run…it’s still exercise, getting fit, but enjoying life as we do it…fresh air, and yes the joy of Warren making it all up as we go along…

A someone said tonight near the start, a typical Warren run… over a small hill, through the trees, and find a new path….we met a couple of friendly puppies along the way……and explored, and for the most part stayed off of pavement….

I managed to finish with an average pace of around 6:30 per K, which for me is stupid quick…….and I still couldn’t keep up.

The best thing, I benefit as well, I get stronger/quicker just trying to keep up…and because I’m the only one that knows the route…they always have to come back to my group to find out where the next turn is….so all good.

I know, for me, it’s a struggle to run every day, and maybe with yesterday’s run, and tonight’s, tomorrow evening may be a challenge..but, again, it just makes me stronger….and who knows, maybe a I can add a spin on the bike and a few swims over the next few days…training, recovering, active recovery…and getting better all the time


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