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A Nice Night with the Crew, another crew


the coolest thing is that I get to do this stuff…just run, sell shoes, organize and lead two different run clubs on 3 different days….volunteer and help with local races… us pretty good…

Yesterday, the Sturgeon Valley Run Club, one run group, one run club, that the club let’s me organize and lead from their facility. Today, the Running Room gave me a Wednesday evening crew to organize and lead, that was tonight, another 20 runners, various abilities and paces, and yeah, another great evening.

Life is pretty good, actually really good….every day, is just really good….I’m able to run….I can work out, biking and swimming are in my immediate future….I’ve got my virtual clinic to look after, and lead, virtually…..I’m sleeping well, eating well…..all’s good…..a life well lived.

I’ve races coming up, I’ve got 3 runs a week to look forward to……

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