What it takes to wake me up

This was that day……after four days, of a great week…..

after Sunday’s disaster and that back thing, the rest of the week has gone well….

I know at my age that rest and recovery days are important, but I’ve been feeling so good, and, well, even being tired and sore feels great…

I’ve managed to run every day this week, two I had to do, Run Club

and Run Club

Monday was just about strength training and a run to map out a new route……

Today was all about, well, free time and fun….

a really sweet workout at my fave gym…SVAC

..followed by a really hard run in the river valley…I know, I know, I should have run first and then hit the weights, but, well, logistics got in the way…

Then I hit the pool…just a quick 1,000 meters, but again that felt so good….and felt quicker then it was, but enjoyed it….

You know you’ve had a good day, when you finish, you look at how far you have to walk to get back to your car…and, it seems a little to far?

Another day tomorrow….I know, I know, I need to take a rest day….but, the bike is looking good, I need to swim……and why not hit the weights…I can take a rest on Saturday……….may even sleep in….maybe!

I like this part…I usually spend forever f-ing around, and then boom, a run, a swim, a bike ride, a hard day, and hard week, and I’m good to go…


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