10K a good day. That’s all it is.

This is really all this is about.

I’ve been listening, reading and following everything for what seems forever. A ton of information, advice….so much information, conflicting, every other day or week there always seems to be so much more to learn, more to learn; more hydration, less, the right nutrition, real food, gels, you need gels…Gatorade, nope, water, nope water isn’t good for us…..and then, well, everything starts all over again…..

And yet; you wake up, you stop in at the gym for a workout. Then you go for a run, an easy run on a trail/route you haven’t visited for a while…and it’s just a run, you just go for a run

You run, you run some more…you recover, cross train, and that’s all it is, just a run. Just go for a run.

Why else would we do this…….if we didn’t enjoy it, if it becomes work, something we had to do, why would anyone. We run, because we run….it’s just something that’s clicked.

I teach others how to do this stuff….yep, going over all the usual topics, use guest speakers, personal trainers, and then, well it all come down to, just asking them to run…to run for fun, to enjoy the run, to run because they want to, not because they have to.

This won’t cause anyone to lose weight, we don’t all have the ability or the desire to win or race, just run…cause it feels so good.

Seriously, would you do something for almost 3 decades that you didn’t like doing……..it is fun….

I keep aiming at goals, some times I make them, sometimes, maybe not…but, that all feels just as satisfying…….

Yes, I’ve bailed out of a few races, DNF-ed two biggies, a marathon back on 1998, and an Ironman Triathlon in 2009……I still ran 20 miles, I did completed two thirds of that triathlon…but, that’s life, real life right…you learn I guess….but whatever, just do it, do what you can….and be fine with that…..and go for whatever’s next.

I’m retired, comfortable….life at home…..a lot of other things going on, but just doing what I choose to……

And I am having the time of my life…….

I choose what I want, and enjoy, like todays, run…….a run, just to run

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