75 Day Hard Challenge Senior’s Edition?

Yeah, I’m going to try this one more time……failed miserably the first two attempts.

I think I just added to many things to the challenge, ’cause I guess the best bet is to stick to the 5 goals, diet, workout, water, read, and that daily self portrait……

I’d added that 4 minute cold shower, the cutting out caffeine, sugar, and eating garbage…..and, well, I do love my Starbucks…so kicking that was maybe a mountain way too high?

So back to square one….I’ll have to make the other goals maybe 75 Day Hard 2.0? the next 75….?

Today’s Saturday, I had planned a short run, but am feeling a bit stiff, sore and well…tired/worn out….

After this morning’s Zoom meet with my 5K clinic with our guest speaker talking about the value of foam rollers, and breaking up that fascia…..it felt like the right thing to do….

Am wondering about step number 3, drinking a gallon of water a day every day…that’s a lot of plain water..and I guess I’m not allowed to include my coffee intake in that number…can I sip a gallon of H2O?

And working on this Blog….I’m still not sure where it’s heading….

Aiming at races, working thru what being an aging runner guess is part of it…

it feels like the concussion is gone? I can’t remember when I stopped waking up with a sore head, so that’s a positive….training, well, it’s not going the greatest….I’m still figuring that out

I’ve come to the conclusion, that rest and recovery is kinda important, and I should pay more attention to that part of the equation……with my run clubs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and trying to bike on two of those days is wearing me down, and I have to fit swimming into the schedule, strength training, foam rolling and stretching into the package as well…that’s a lot……

Lately, because I’m spending so much time instructing others on the art of running….and because most of those listening are female , I’ve taken on the challenge of learning as much as I can on the subject of women and running…and boy, there’s a lot to learn…..but I want to add to that, um, research, and starting digging into me….being old, 63 years old, and how to work with that, look at others that have been there/done that……there doesn’t at first glance doesn’t seem like much…..and what there is, well, looks like applies to those that haven’t yet taken the first step…which a little frustrating…..

This week was okay…Monday an easy 10K in the Edmonton River Valley, and yes I needed that..and that was after hitting the weights……so a good day……I should have done something in the evening, even a walk would have been good…..but what should I, and can I do…..

Tuesday, a bike ride to the office, sold some shoes, and then a 5K with my Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club crew afterwards……a struggle, the group that showed up were pretty quick, so I had to put in a bit of a hard off-road effort

Wednesday was more of the same…a ride, selling shoes and another fun run with another group, my Running Room group….

After, on Thursday, my head said rest and recover, so did…….didn’t want to, but it felt like the right thing to do, listen to what the body’s tell you, right?

Yesterday, Friday was okay…….hit the weight room at SVAC hard…..I really needed that,

and after, a great day selling shoes at our Running Room store

a run yesterday, or today, may have been good….but yeah, I have other things to take care of…and also, I seem to be suffering from seasonal allergies, which really hasn’t bothered me much for the past 2 years…but yeah, I may have to hit the over the counter drugs….so, will work that out on these pages…I do know how this works, I blow my nose about a million times, eyes get dry and itch like crazy, and I wheeze a bit…..every year I try to run through it all without any help, oddly enough the best cure seems to be just a bottle of Coke?………

The goals remain….Edmonton Half Marathon, Victoria Full in the fall…..Warren Runs a Marathon?.……

Will see what tomorrow, that long run Sunday brings…an easy 10K is planned, brings….

And yeah, just working out how to be old, at least until I can figure out a way to be 18 again?


am I the only one working out how to be old(er?)

2 thoughts on “75 Day Hard Challenge Senior’s Edition?

  1. I have thought about doing the challenge too. I already have the workout part but some days getting it outside does not happen bc of weather. I am not a big drinker but 75 days is a long time. I like to have a glass a wine once a week. I would say 75 medium?

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