23, 153 days.

I have been alive for 23,153 days….that’s a lot of day….a lot of time…..I wonder how many anyone can remember?

How many of them have been great, how many were fantastic, and what percentage have been a waste?

The next question….how many are left?

I’m going to say maybe not that many……

Is it a waste to look back? Can anyone learn anything from what has gone before leading up to now?

There’s that line from Game of Thrones about everything done before has lead to where we are right now, it’s where we were meant to be, or going to be?

Can anything in those 23,000 days be changed?………..I guess, all someone can do is the best with what’s left….

So, say I live to 100?……that would be 37 years…about 13,000 days…..a life well lived in just over 3 decades?

What is a life well lived? How do you judge that?……

Like the Monkees once sang, tomorrow’s going to be another day?.…how do I make it one that counts….

I have no idea…I know I’ll be selling shoes for 5 hours, I’ll be biking to the store and home..I have a run planned with our Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club Run Club…….should there be more?

I keep referring back to this thing

an I don’t know if this is a road map…..but, I guess I’ll start talking, taking a lot more pictures…and I do need to get more social….and plan more family time, or just do more family time?

hay hay hat

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