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As I’m pulling up dandelions


A rest and recovery day.

So why not spend it pulling up what I’m told are not weeds…..

This is getting tough….

Not a lot of hours at the store selling shoes – I guess lots of sales, but also a lot of staff needing hours, but whatever….I’ll use the time to train….I’ve still got 3 Run Clubs to keep organized, and hope people show up, some days are great, some not so, but at least there’s always a run, and yeah, will continue instructing virtual clinics……finish one, begin the next……

and races are coming up that I’d like to do…will see how the life schedule works out…

I am in training, I wanna do lots of stuff, as much as I can, and be a dad and a husband at the same time….

there’s only one thing that I guess depresses me….yeah, married with kids, but, I can’t say I actually have a friend.

yeah yeah, I run with people, I occasionally work with people, and well, there’s Facebook, but someone, anyone I’d call my BFF……..not sure why that is?……..hey, I think I have friends…time to get more social?

I guess I’m just not someone anyone wants to be friends with….

Sometimes being alone is cool, you feel a little content…….but, 63, and no one, is kind of odd…and way too often, lonely….

It just is what it is?

I’m sore in a lot of places today…’s after a good week, maybe even a great week……looking forward to tomorrow, and next week……looks like I’m going to have a lot of spare time in June to train and do what I want…….so that’s good, maybe my goal should be not to do it all on my own….

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