The end of something & a beginning?

Saturdays…….it’s handy keeping a log book or a calendar; it helps to see what’s been done

it’s also handy to look back, look for patterns, And I’ve found one…I hope…

I keep trying to follow set training schedules, and just as they’ve never worked for me in the past, they don’t know either….there’s always that life thing….long run Sundays seem to work, but my rest days always confuse me, as in how to take them and when……and well, BINGO….fr the past few month, I’m usually so dead tired that every Saturday becomes an almost forced rest and recovery day….like today!…..

I just woke up too tired to do anything else, but just enough energy to host a Zoom call, the finale of a 5K virtual clinic that went really well…..and to plan for next week. So why fight it?……so from now on, Saturdays, unless it happens to be a race day, shall become my day to do nothin’

I’ve got a lot of other things to figure out, like SLEEP!

For the past few nights, okay week, sleep past 2 or 3 hours has been a challenge … it over training?….I don’t know, thus the rest and recovery today….eating sort of healthy, and resting….there seemed to be a point recently when sleeping wasn’t an issue, I was sleeping well, lots, dreaming deep sleep….so there’s a past, hopefully, maybe, I can get back to that….

Otherwise I feel great after a pretty great week…back when things were clicking great, I’d call my best days a three shower day…wake up, run, shower, swim, shower, bike shower again…there’s be other things in their, but always active, which made the rest of my life click, but I was always doing something, always active…and if I worked out well, I ate well, I slept well, and felt well…….

I was younger, but that was the best…yes, there were two Ironman Triathlons in there, Marathons, half and Olympic distance triathlons, relay races through the Rockies……it was all fun, and have to say I felt my best…I’ll have to get back to that quickly…..

I don’t know if this will ever get better, or back to what I was…..but, well, I am retired, I have some spare time, and I do seem to be doing a ton of stuff….I just have to watch and remember I ain’t 18 anymore…..gotta watch that heart, the head….so rest is important, feeding is, social even more….so will continue to work on all three….

I wish there was a good guide, I haven’t found one…one that pertains to me…..I’ve been active, I’m not one of those that woke up at 60 and began running…yes, I’m 63, but what the hell does that mean?

What can I and can’t I do, what should and what shouldn’t I be doing…

I bought this, thought it might be a guide, but it’s worse than awful..basically nonsense, stuff I and every other runner on the planet knows, crap I know just as someone that’s been around the block a few times is garbage, and has nothing to do with growing older and staying active or getting better….charlatans I think they’re called…, my first rodeo as a 63 year old, but not my first rodeo doing all of this stuff and wanting more………

So, so far I don’t know much…….just I don’t recover very quickly, what I don’t know is how much better I can get, and how?

I do know that this is the long game…….and I’m in it for that….let’s take this one step at a time…..a few 10K races, a half marathon in about 78 days…….and a full on marathon in October…is that too much to ask…

So why all the cross training?…….because it’s fun, and you can’t just run………and you can’t just pound pavement (high impact is fun, but also so bad)…..I’ve got to figure out how to add strength training into this equation….so, well, that’s all for tomorrow’s post


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