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yeah, I fell, but felt so good!


An interesting morning……

I had originally planned on biking through the Edmonton River Valley, and then a quick swim in the Kinsmen Sport Centre…..and well, I was tired, it was, well, time to hit the gym and then run….

I’m starting to love the gym and I guess pumping iron…..I can’t lift much, but that’s not the point, I just know a few squats, bench presses and a few other things will make me a better, well, runner, help with life in the pool and on the bike……and it just feels great.

and I love the room. It’s always relaxed, everyone’s just doing what they’re doing….it seems weird too…not quite the gym I’m used to….I’ve yet to see anyone spot another lifter, it just seems like a lot of people just roaming around doing what they think they should do……

Every so often I feel like offering up some support….but, who am I to do that…..maybe as I spend more and more time in that room, doing what I do, doing a few things that no one else seems to do…..cross bench pull overs, barbell curls, triceps curls……I don’t understand all those that spend time on things like the pec deck, why? I always think of equipment like that as something body builders use to finish up, work on that final touch….it seems like so many just use it to have some place to sit, and look like they’re working out?…….

This morning was good though…every body part got their time…just benches, leg presses, leg curls (my hamstrings need more work then the quads) should presses, rows for my back..and that’s that…time to run

It was a good morning…..I just wondered around, some pavement, took a turn right rather than left, found a ton of off road trails, and kind of got lots in the words beyond the tracks…

so many trails, lots to see, but on my own…..did not see another soul……but go to play…….lots of dead ends, some trails that doubled back on themselves…..and yeah, I tripped because I forgot to lift my feet, I guess, and landed hard, but at least I didn’t hurt anything…..a fun 7K in the woods, on the wrong side of the tracks?

Not another day, I like being able to make changes, improvising…I know some of those that run with me don’t like that, they want that one specific trail with no variation….I like exploring new paths….and maybe getting lost just feels so good….figuring things out…

and yeah, I also found a BBQ…

and a couch hardly used

Tomorrow, it’s time to get that basic first aid training done…..and then what’s next?

I get to do another Sunday morning Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club Run Club Run….and then I’m not sure what’s next…I know, next month, I start making my way to becoming a certified personal and group trainer…am not sure where that’ll lead, maybe another job/career/road….the Running Room is still okay….

I’ve a 10K virtual clinic to start teaching next weekend, I’ve that Wednesday night Run Club or plan for and find a route for….and yep, still selling shoes……

I’ve got a talk to get to on Monday morning with my contact, the manager at SVAC, I’m not sure about what, but, perhaps there’ll be another new road to take….

There’s a lot of them……..gotta pick that right option…saying yes more than saying no..


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