First Aid Qualified!

Well that’s done…………I’d put it off for too long, and I need to know what to do, just in case…so spent my Saturday at Fast Beats CPR and First Aid Ltd getting that done…I’d already had my BLS heart and stroke training, but Running with a variety of groups, think it’s good to have….

Things seem to be changing, but still changing for the good… getting that first aid done is kind of a miracle…I quite possible the most squeamish person on the planet, and yes when started talking lacerations, head injuries, burns….what to do with a stomach laceration when the stomachs contents fall out…but I survived, and it was all fine….yeah, a little shaky, but done…passed the test, and now I know stuff.

I begin working on that certified thing on July 1st….lots of stuff to look at.

I’m guessing I’m going to know a lot of this stuff, and what’s involved…I’ve been looking after group training for almost two decades, but this will, I guess, make me look more official?

I get the feeling this will be the spring and summer of changes……I think I’ll still be connected to the Running Room but I hope that things at the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club leads to something else, more permanent…..or more involved…I like the place, I like always being active, so, I’ll try everything I can, learning, constantly, getting better, and will keep on sharing……a great new life…let’s see what happens next..

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