what do I want – to do? become?

Bottom line…I love the life I’m living right now. It seems every day has something, something new, I’m learning something, or just getting out and about and just being active.

I’m 63.5, sixty three and a half……in a year and a half I’ll be 65. Yep, very old.

Oddly enough, some days I feel it, some days, I act and maybe feel like I’m 18, and then pay for that the next day.

But, it feels so good……honestly, this isn’t the first time this has happened….I’ve been pretty lucky, I’ve done a lot of things…..but this feels different……

So now….what do I want to do, what do I want to become?

What? I decide that, then I can work on a plan?

Continue to lead run groups, check. I’m doing that, I want to do more of that….and keep making those groups bigger, more diverse, and add more to them….younger, older, different times of day…..coach, or maybe just encourage…….

Keep selling shoes. I like doing that…not sure how much longer I can do that, but, well, I’ve got a store, we’ve got customers….and I think I do a good job….and combined with the run clubs, a good match……

Do I want to get certified, learn even more, and make this kind of a career…of some sort. I don’t really need to, making $$$ doing that…but yeah, my interest has grown.

I have to say though, can I do all of that and still look after myself, and family? I think so?

I do have goals for this year…do I just do them, can I train for them, would I have the time?

Yep, 10K on Canada Day, there’s an off road 5 Peaks Run in Goldbar Park on the 16th of July….a Edmonton Half Marathon on August 21st……and well, a trip to Victoria in October…a Full Marathon…..the trick is, while doing all of the above, can I train for all?

This is still a learning process….maybe this will be the week be the week when I settle in, things get better, solid?…..I’m planning to make this a super fit week, maybe do that, begin again that 75 Day Hard thing…..I have been doing that pretty much for months and months…..so a week, for a step forward?

Hope so….

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