I waste too much time

Missed opportunities, missed chances to be me, to train, to be active……I just give in to not do anything, or be anywhere way too easily.

Today, a case in point….I did have plans to run stair repeats and then to hit the pool….but woke up pissed off that my autistic adult daughter decided to pick today to have a screaming hissy fit at 5AM…..decided to just mope, catch up on this lap top, send and answer emails, and well, do nothin’ positive.

That was most of my yesterday as well….it sometimes become a disappointing cycle.

I don’t know how, but I have to find a way to just let loose, to just go with the flow, and relax…chill, chillax? ……

I’ve an active weekend planned, with a lot of spare time, but, well, how does this change?

Two days ago, great, positive, run, sell shoes, strength train, enjoying life, and now for two days, life’s just derailed.

Yes, two autistic adult children often means life has to be improvised, needs to be, but all too often, at least lately my daughter has taken to become frustratingly inactive, and it’s a struggle to even get her out of her bedroom most days, so even taking her out for a walk is a challenge, or some points just impossible……..I’m usually pretty patient, but some days, well, the best option, the easiest is to kick back, watch YouTube videos or listen to music, and to plan for tomorrow….

So, maybe tomorrow…..

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