not a good day. when you run out

Not a good day to train, or for much of anything… prescription ran out, and now I know what happens when it does….this.

It’s actually a rough week, it was supposed to be a great week, I had a lot of plans, lots of training planned, but, well, two days of doing nothin’, but this, and planning ahead.

I don’t know why it’s uncomfortable for me to admit this, but, well I have an enlarged prostate. Apparently not a big deal, or unusual for someone of my age, but it is annoying for one thing…let’s just say I have to be close to a rest room or lots of trees whenever I run or bike, or, well, today….it really hit me, not sure why?……It doesn’t seem to matter what or if I take in hydration…I’ve drastically cut back on any coffee or tea, or anything that may be a diuretic, that hasn’t helped yet…but yeah, Starbucks may go broke because of me…gotta manage or eliminate that addiction.

So, planning the next week…I’ve a 12K run planned for tomorrow, and a 1000 meter swim; because, well it’s father’s day, and I’m a father.

Not sure if a refill is going to help, but I’ve gotta do something……today’s been excruciating…..

I don’t know if a total lifestyle change is needed, but will give it a shot.

I really need a busy week, with lots of biking, running, swimming, spin classes, I want to do a lot of them, but live and sweat..a lot……coffee, tea are out of my diet…and time to do a lot of research…is there something else I could do….my MD hasn’t said anything about surgery, or anything else….so I just have to deal…..and, can I ignore this stuff?

Looking forward to tomorrow, and well……feeling less than depressed, but hopeful


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