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It’s Just Another Day


Okay so not the prettiest picture ever….actually pretty bad….well, it depends how you look at things.

Went for that Sunday morning run, that Run Club thing.

I had thought of sleeping in, taking it easy, maybe taking a sick day….but, well…’s my run club, so I kind of have to be there.

Only three others showed up, all three quicker, stronger than me… for at least some of the run, this is what I got to look at

I did have to stop to take this picture, and I did eventually catch up…..but, OMG a lot of hard breathing, and my heart rate was, well, not, quite setting off the alarm, but close to it.

It was fun, it felt good….even though it was a Sunday run, long slow and easy, NOT, but after all was said and done, it felt good….and humid!

I’ve got another busy week ahead, but, this should be good.

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