a great day in the mornin’!

a petty cool day……kind of a my kind of day….need more of them.

started off on the bike

I love this type of a day……bike, shower and then swim!…….if I could have thrown a run into the mix I would have……I’m retired, how do I not have the time?

It was a good 30K run, so short, a few hills, and fun……did a climb at a place called Keller road….one person younger than me go ahead for a bit…I made a pit stop

to give me a gap, I didn’t feel like racing………but, well, I caught up on the hill…and then yeah, passed the kid ahead anyhow…..and that felt so good!

When I was done, I had planned to go for a swim, I went into the Kinsmen Sport Centre, thought maybe I’d just take a shower, change and go home…but, well, why not dive in a see how a swim would feel

IT FELT GREAT!…..it was only 1,000 meters, easy, all free style, and felt so good, and so did the few minute in the hot pool afterwards.

yeah, I’m a little sore, but this is what retired life is supposed to feel like!


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