I’ve Been Busy!!!!

Yeah…this has been a pretty great week, it’s only Thursday, but just keeps getting better and better

so far this week…..bike, swim, bike, sell shoes, bike, run club run, another run club, spin and strength, swim, and teach a 10K clinic…….it don’t get better than this.

Yeah, I could use a shave…..but again, I’ve been busy, and seriously, how many showers can one man take!

the two run clubs were a blast….not a lot of people showed up, but enough….I like this leading thing…and who knows, I’ve started down this road to becoming a certified personal trainer, actually my course belongs July 1st….I guess I’ll just get it done and see….what’s next?

This morning’s spin and strength was a blast…60 minutes of a lot of intervals, with weights at a couple of points during…..now I know why there called skull crushers.

It just hit me today, I have a 10K race in just a week…..yeah me!…Canada Day….kind of looking forward to it

So far 2022 has been fantastic…….love the way this story’s going


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