A Runner of an advanced age. that means?

Today’s run was awesome…not too quick, but a group that began as 5, and finished off as a group of 6!

When I woke up, I was thinking of just going to bed and saying screw it…but it’s amazing how a negative can become a positive….

Our SVAC club has a policy where people have to book ahead of time, so we know that people are actually going to join in the fun, and any time less than 3 book, the club cancels….I always show up, no matter what….and most know that…but for some reason those that do show up don’t like booking anything, so every Sunday morning I wake up to that this morning’s run has been cancelled email…which after 6 months of this is kind of a gut punch…..

but this morning, was so worth it…

Getting and being older.

Yeah, this thing is 63.5………that’s having an effect, I’m noticing, and know I have to make adjustments.

For some reason this week, the training, the hours on my feet, has made me think, maybe I don’t need to, and probably shouldn’t run every day…I need to pay attention to those rest and recovery days……and yes, active rest, but I’m just not recovering.

As great as this morning’s 10K (it’s needed to be 14K)….my legs felt dead tired at the end, and now, almost 3 hours afterwards, that ache, the feeling of that lactic acid is a bit uncomfortable…..

Like I posted in my last post, this past week was one for the ages, it was almost like moving back to the days of triathlon training in my 50s….lots of amazing days…so much done and so much to do…..but the body is saying, buddy take it easy.

Yes, I am digging through Jeff Galloway’s book, Running until you’re 100…and have to say, I don’t really like it…the subtitle is for runners in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, and too much of it makes us/me seem like a frail senior that should be worried about not pushing myself or possibly hurting myself if I do too much, but, well some of it makes sense…..more rest days, all that hard high impact pounding does take it’s toll…so maybe he has a point…

So, today’s the day I go over my plan for the week to come, putting in those things – family, work, etc. – that take up my days, and then putting down what I want to do, and need to do…..and then the fun stuff…weights, spinning, biking, swimming, running……and napping?

I’m thinking of, contemplating going back to training like a triathlete…..3 runs, 3 swims, 3 rides a week (if only there were 9 days in a week)…..I still need some strength training, I’m not sure how to fit in spin classes into the mix, but I need to keep doing that…I am training/studying to hopefully become a personal trainer, maybe lead spin classes, coach older runners/athletes…..so spin and listening and learning is important….

This getting older, I know I’m not the only one…and yes, I know there are others, older in their 80s, in their late 70s, that could kick my ass, it just doesn’t seem to be a lot of information about me?…..

so am working on that…..now for that all important nap…


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