Not feeling my best..Oh Canada.

Am watching the Tour de France time trials, and am also wondering why I didn’t run the Canada Day 10K today……the body said, SLEEP IN!..just have not been feeling well.

I don’t know why?

I have to admit I don’t feel my best and I don’t understand? Maybe it’s time for a check up..or is this just about being older and having to be careful.

You know that head rush thing you get when you stand up too quickly? How about feeling like that all the time?

It’s like an adventure in not fainting. When I watching TV, when someone comes to the door, and every time I stand up to answer that door, or whatever, and feel like I’m about the black out, what is that?

I seem to be okay when I’m out and about….running, biking or swimming – but there was that moment a few weeks ago after I got out of the pool after a harder workout and stumbled a bit, and then did the same after a few minutes in the hot pool afterwards…I almost had to sit down for a bit to let that head rush go away? Yikes huh?

I’m looking forward to riding to our store, on this day, our national Canada Day..I’ll only be selling shoes for 3 hours, it’s going to be quiet, but, well, and yeah, overtime!…..and I need to stretch the legs…

I cannot believe I just spent another $150 to watch FloSports just because I want to watch the tour de France for one month….it’s $12.50 a month, but you can’t cancel at any time, only after a year, so can I find stuff to watch for a year?…..and a lot of what I like to watch on that stream (triathlons) are not available in my region for some reason…but yep, $150 to watch the tour de France…..I’ve got to find a way to consolidate all out subs, there’s a lot of them….

I recorded yet another shoe talk for yet another virtual clinic – I wish they were live –

It’s Canada Day up here in the frozen north….or, actually kind of hot and humid….because all of the above I skipped the Canada Day 10K, which isn’t good, but the head said, Warren let’s sleep in today, there’s always another run…but a tradition, always has been, so that hurts a lot…what does that mean for the rest of this year….my stomach seems to be feeling strange for some odd reason….

Tomorrow…..biking in the morning – unless it’s rain, so then I have a run planned….Sunday, a 14K long slow run with my SVAC Run Club….and a 1,000 meter swim after…

and yeah, my learning how to become a certified fitness coach begins…this is day one…the aim is to become so for both running and biking/spinning by September…it looks pretty intense….but something new, something maybe scary, something unexpected, but something I think I wanna do……so, a busy summer…


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