A Sunday started well, is a good Sunday

my first ever group selfie…..my eyes have it!

I woke up this morning feeling like crap, or at least awful…….The headaches are back?….is that the concussion getting angry, or what?…..and yes, do I have long COVID, I’ve never tested positive, but chest does feel a little wheezy……but well a good morning though, a good start….

When I wake up a check my emails on Sundays I check to make sure the SVAC Run Club hasn’t been cancelled……if fewer than 3 have booked and said they were coming, the run/class is cancelled…this morning I saw this!

I know a lot of runners will join us even if they see the run is cancelled, they all know whatever, I will always show up ready to go, but seeing this, this morning gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, and made me feel positive…and even though I felt like crap, I had to show up…

That’s like the best thing about leading these 3 group runs every week, I have to run and be at all three..so I get my 3 runs done…and depending on who shows, I’ll either being an easy a run, or the past three Tuesday, because of whom joined in, a tempo run!….which has all helped me to start adding to my pace

It’s also interesting how just riding my Marin MTN bike has helped improve my fitness, and both my biking and running pace are better, more comfortable…all add up to a better overall fitness.

This morning’s group was perfect that way…one, is a really strong runner, just starting to understand the quick on fast days, slower on effortless days……..one that wanted to go a slower pace, and one that understands both…..a few more with a larger variety of abilities and strengths would be perfect, but this was good…being able to pick your pace is a nice option….a pace for all is the goal.

It’s amazing how, after roaming the planet trying other shoes, you eventually back with your first love…..these are them. I’ve ASICS, ALTRAs, HOKAs, and a Saucony in my rotation, but these have become that shoe, my Brooks Adrenaline 22s…..They, Brooks, always just work, and my gait, my feet and so screwed up, it’s hard to find the right match, but these make the run feel effortless, and the shoes never feel a concern…well, sometimes….as those that follow me know I have on foot that pronates, which is fine, and one that under-pronates/supinates…….the Adrenaline kind of works with that, nothing else…the ASICS Nimbus is close, and the pronation in both is, well, I can occasionally feel that big toe digging in, rolling inward a bit, but everything works well………and become the trails around here are not extreme enough to need trail shows, these things will become my GTSGo To Shoes….

So felt awful, the run made me feel great…….tomorrow, it’s time to get on the bikes and into the pool……the goal, the current goal….endurance, and keep the high impact stuff to a minimum….still need to squash those blood cells, but not as often……

Lovin’ Sundays….what’s your favorite day?

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