Taking a Rest Day time to Think and not run

I’m supposed to be at a spin and strength class this morning, but I am just beat…and it’s raining?

My last rest and recovery and not doing anything day was last Thursday, so I guess I’m due…..

so today, lots of coffee (even though I know it’s not the best for my body, I so need it)…..watching and re-watching the Tour de France and study study study…..learnin’ stuff.

I have to admit, I am tired…. this week hasn’t been that hard….Monday a hard morning spin, and two 5K runs….after a great, active weekend…..and yet my legs feel trashed….

I think I’ve got this figured…..

I just have to keep the high impact runs to 3 a week, a couple shorter, maybe quicker (can I go quicker at 6:38?) then just watch those rest days, recover….and get that endurance built up on the bike, in spin classes and in the pool……and strength train strength train….stretch, yoga….stay healthy and active.

I’ve decided to give the weight room a break for two months…that’s an off season thing, I’ll still wander in their on some days when I need to do something, but I have to do some time management planning as well…JUST DO STUFF……that may have happened this morning,

Dragging my ass, and second guessing what I was okay with, way too many glances at that calendar, seeing my last do nothing was last a week ago told me it was a good day to say hello to the couch, and open my books and get back on a schedule to learn all this Personal Training thing, do the homework, and get week one of that done, and plan for the 2nd weekend of July…..

Even though really tired – a long shift selling shoes yesterday was a challenge as a well….I guess being on your feet for 6 hours does take it’s toll – I do feel okay. I feel good, the training has felt good, right even.

It’s so cool to see my pace picking up. It seems like I’ve taken forever to get away from an average of 7 minutes per k, to where now, that average now down to 6:40 or better, and now that average pace is matching my moving pace…..

next week I want to get back to more continuous runs….maybe instead of 10 and 1s (run 10 minutes, broken up with a 1 minute walk) set the Garmin to a 3k and 1, or 5k and 1….or maybe a 1 minute warm up, a 3K continuous and a 1 minute cool down…….

I need to add hills and stairs – that at some point was going to be today, but, well, rest, recover, and get stronger….maybe tomorrow…..

It’s the week of Sinister 7….that’s me getting ready for the Leg 6 Climb…..it’s been a while, but one of my fave spots…I like Death Race up in Grande Cache better…more rugged, more remote maybe..but the relay races through the Rockies with friends is always a blast….there’s some I see only at those races…

My goal for 2022 was, and still is, is to just to do more and more with more and more people…not really aiming at anything (okay, the Edmonton Half and probably the Victoria Full) but just staying active and just be ready for everything and anything…that was the best time of my life…just a lot of training, all fun, and the races, the triathlons, whatever, just seemed to happen….I’ll always remember someone asking me if I’d trained for leg 4 at Death Race..and lied, I hadn’t…..whether it was leg 2 or 4 or 5…I just went, and just the random training everywhere, and I seem to remember a lot of food….had me ready, you just threw on the hydration pack and went.

Yep, untrained, you can still make it to the top of Mount Hamel/Leg 4 at Death Race and not die…..

One of the hardest things about getting older is to try and remember that I’m not 18, let alone 50?……I keep reading and re-reading things by experts, and noting that some of them aren’t really experts, they’re like me, just figuring this stuff out……

I’m sitting here, again still watching the tour, and am thinking – can I still do a spin tonight?……and NO!..it’s a rest day, that means nothing…..save it for tomorrow and the weekend..stick to the plan!…

Tomorrow, I’m thinking stair repeats and possibly a swim afterwards….time on the bike on Saturday, and 12K-ish on Sunday before heading in to sell more shoes….and then, well next week….

Today, feet up, learning all about Leadership, communication and understanding the health behaviour of your participant, and yeah..maybe a nap…..


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