Yes it was HOT!!!!

Yes, running in the heat.

I realize in some locations +32C isn’t too hot, but yesterday evening it felt so.

I will say though, the only time I felt the heat was when we stopped during a short easy run.

Could we have gone further?

Nope, we had a new run club members that’s beginning again from the beginning, so we ran by her heart rate, and that worked fine…the quicker one in our group would just go ahead and returned whenever we took a walk break to bring the heartrate down, so that worked well.

I had a good day, I spent some time on my bike earlier, so that got some strength to my legs, and the run was fine…it wasn’t a speed or distance day, so all good

Kind of looks like a face huh?…

I know I haven’t and didn’t take enough hydration, I’ve got to practice that more…..but it’s always just nice to get outside and move with a few friends……

The weather, the warmer weather is something I never really concern myself with, knowing that I should pay more attention…I do wear a cap, sunglasses to keep the glare off, but, sunscreen?…I keep forgetting. I know I have to slather that stuff on, but, well, next time. Burning is not a good thing is it? I usually just burn once a year, and then I learn…….and bug spray, is it even safe?

I’m still struggling to figure out the this light headed feeling…noticed it again today, standing up too quickly and I feel like fainting…it’s kind of an adventure……maybe an issue, and yes, I will make an MD appointment someday soon…

And yes, I am hydrating…not the 4 litres a day thing…but yes, gotta have that fluid in me…

I’m looking forward to a 5/7K sun this evening…..tomorrow will be a bike and swim day…’s going to be a good week and weekend…….oh joy.

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