Love training with someone quicker than me

and younger……..I’d post a picture, my training partner this evening was way quicker than me…so no time, and it would have just been of Karen’s backside, so would have been kinda creepy.

But all good….it’s forced speed training……I’m forced to run at a pretty uncomfortable speed…but

it works because in order to run together that speedy running partner has to slow down a bit to all I can do…and as we progress throughout the run…I get a bit quicker, and by the end we’re running together, me at her pace…..a great unplanned tempo run….

Today was a better day……lots of homework/studying anatomy……interesting stuff. a lot of it is a little overwhelming, but I’m got until the end of August, so there’s lots of time…..

Had a good day at the office selling shoes, I got a lot done, we grabbed a lot of new shoes throughout the day, and the bike ride to and from gave me a little more fitness…it’s not a long ride either way, but the hills seems to make my training rides easier….always…

And tonight’s run…..I still am struggling, I don’t seem to be able to recover (is this an age thing?)

Tomorrow, strength training, a few hours at the store, and then another run club run tomorrow evening………, life at times is okay, I just have to continue to try and figure this stuff, life, out


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