Women….a session that was eye opening

So, yes, I’m instructing a 10K virtual clinic..lots of emails, and one Zoom meet a week.

Tonight as that night……

Interesting thing.

I’ve been instructing clinics since about 2006, and the one constant, that more women in each, fewer men…almost to the point where it’s rare to see more than a man in a clinic…..

And yes, I’ve instructed every level, including a few run clinics for breast cancer survivors….

Up until recently, there’s a topic I knew a bit about, not a lot, and it’s something I didn’t think about approaching….

A few things changed that…..first a book called Older, Faster, Stronger by Margaret Webb….

amongst a lot of things, that book introduced me to older master female athletes like Gwen McFarlan and BK McHugh

Then someone mentioned another book called Roar by Stacy Sims and that opened my eyes even more…..

female physiology…way too much to go into in a blog, but things that do not get talked about a lot…until, lately.

The talk, my guest speakers were amazing, and even though female specific, I learned a lot, and one thing I learned for sure….I need to know this information as long as I coach and instruct clinic..be aware and be comfortable with it….and yes, the make use of guest speakers….

Men and women have differences, nutrition concerns are an issue too…we go over that next week…..

Another rough day, back is still an issue, but yeah. a good day…

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