it’s been a good week..but cookin’

oh boy is it hot!……don’t notice it much when on bike or running, but as soon as you stop it’s HOT!

But, it depends where you stop….yesterday evening did an easy 5K with one of my run clubs, after meeting up with our Brooks rep for a shoe test……it was a good route, a lot of it along the Sturgeon River, some parts had tree cover….and after we were done, we had a bit of a tech talk, learned a lot about the Brooks Glycerin 20 and the 20 GTS (go to stability) which was really cool

and yep, there were free snacks and some give-aways afterwards…a good evening…and in the park it kind of sweet, not many mosquitos…and may have sold some shoes…

It’s always random who shows up at these things, I’m guessing the +37C temps kept people away, but I thought the shoe test/talk would have brought out a few more…..maybe next time?

I’m kind of juggling a lot right now…..two Run Clubs, Wednesday evenings with this Running Room crew which has been fun, and the on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I’ve got my Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club crew….

And now, I figure, why do something Friday starting, well tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes….and yeah why not?…..

This has been a good week….a Run on Sunday, 10K in the heat

I managed to get the bike out for a good spin through the Edmonton River Valley on Monday

Tuesday, biked to and from work….a good evening 5K with speedy Karen (the cool thing about running with quick people, I eventually get quicker/stronger too)

Wednesday…bike to the coal mine again (it’s not actually a coal mine, it’s my Running Room store)….and another evening with the 5K crew…….and I was pretty worn out///

which means today is a rest and recovery day…..63.5 years old does that, gotta recover….and yeah, get caught up on chores and laundry……in this HEAT!

A pretty busy three days coming up…….bike, swim, run, bike, run and swim…..homework (learning all about exercise analysis?)….it’s interesting, and I’m learning stuff…it may take me two tries to complete this Fitness Leadership course, but the hell, I’m already smarter than I was weeks ago…so all good…

I’m not exactly sure why I’m taking the course….maybe at some point I can lead a spin class, and when I instruct run clinics, I’ll have more knowledge backing me up..and I’ll have that word certified at the end of my name…which I guess could be a good thing…

So far these last few months I’ve got my CPR training, I now have my first aid certification – I hope I never have to use either – and I’m training more consistently then ever….I’ve actually lost weight, which I never actually planned on doing, but it happened…..I feel stronger some times (it’s all relative)……

I still feel a little lost some times…the Run Club thing isn’t always huge….I’m not sure if I want more or fewer shifts at the RRoom store, and I need a tribe….so am trying to work on that….

I have had various tribes, but, well, people drift right…..

I am a bit more focused now…..I know a little bit of what I want my road map to be like……and just building, working, being the best I can be, in my 60s…I understand more and more what that means as I get older……I don’t always feel older, I somedays feel 18 still…but, I will say that I am better now than I ever was younger…I’m actually finally getting more mature……but yeah, it’s still about getting busy, knowing to recover, rest, more water than anything else…and to, well, chill more….

Tomorrow, I’m still not sure..but the plan is a morning ride somewhere…..if there pool has a clear lane I may swim……and evening run with the Friday night Run Club….Saturday morning a group ride…lost of homework………Sunday morning Run Club, perhaps 12K, and maybe a swim, or more study time……it’s at least a life

I have no idea where this is…but lots of porta potties!

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