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some morning’s you just run….


I so wanted to sleep in this morning…..I am so sore….I think doing weights on Friday morning is responsible for that….the Friday evening run helped, the long-ish bike ride yesterday felt good…..

I just don’t have a lot of mornings where I can just ignore that alarm clock, so when I have that option, it does feel good……but today wasn’t that.

I did get that dreaded email from the SVAC club telling me this morning’s run was cancelled because not enough people had signed up……but, well, when I say I will show up no matter what, and yep, 5 joined in this morning knowing that…and it felt so good

again a fantastic week…I do have to get back to my studying and learn this Foundations in Fitness thing – I kind of took a week off, because?…….It’s interesting stuff…learning all about the plans of motion, which bones connect to which joint, and how those bones and muscles and tendons move is so interesting, and if this leads to something – maybe leading spin classes, or whatever – that’s fine, but learning more and more is a good thing I think.

I’ve been catching up on the Tour de France Femme every day, over and over again, and so inspiring….I don’t know why I think this, but women racing or competing just always seems so more exciting and entertaining..yes, I love the Tour de France, but this is so, well, do-able…yes, these women still ride quicker than I can even dream of doing, but they just seem to make it so sensible….I find that for other events like the Rugby 7s, or women’s hockey, soccer, skateboarding, skiing…’s the same….women compete with just that…..I’d like to see if others feel the same, and what the difference is….just entertaining?

Now watching, eating, studying, and planning the week…..I know someday I’ll have to take a day to rest and recover….but it’s a holiday tomorrow, I’ve got the day off….I should do something…so, cross training…ran today, so may spend some time on the bike and maybe in a pool if I can find one open


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