A bad sunburn and a memory

Maybe I should clean that mirror.

Yep, a busy weekend..well, okay sort of. I spent all day Saturday at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, and forgot the cap and the sun screen….and ouch!……

glad I only went the one day, have no idea how I’d look after 4 days.

I love this place…the music, the food, the people……lots of green onion cakes….a lot of tarps

caught a lot of great music, some I knw, but the magic of the folk fest is the tunes and the singers I’ve never heard before, in an amazing setting……and yeah, the sun burn was almost worth it..and I had never heard Matt Anderson live before….wow huh?

Yesterday, spent the morning giving back….supporting my local triathlon..the St Albert Triathlon…standing on a corner directing traffic, riders and runners…and saw an awful lot of great looking bikes…and kept things, ‘why am I not doing this race today?’…….it’s been a long time since I’ve raced, or raced a triathlon…and yep, all that time directing traffic I was planning today’s training…..but yeah, a headache, and that sunburn hurts…so today is rest and recovery…..

I’m already planning for 2023?………I do have a bunch of shorter races planned…this weekend a off road trail race for a group called 5 Peaks and a place called Chickakoo Lake….it’s a 7.9K..not 8K, 7.9K!

There’s that Edmonton 10K on the 21st, and a half marathon in Victoria in October……so good, I’m active again.

The other thing…there was someone I really was hoping to cross paths with randomly at that folk fest, but didn’t happen…..kind of stupid huh?

Someone that was a former employee/coworker that I kind of miss, and parted with on not the best of terms, which really feels uncomfortable, unhappy, and maybe a little angry…a few things that were said that shouldn’t have been, a lot that was wrong….and I guess, I have this stupid urge to set records straight, and maybe fix things so even if we do not ever see each other again, it’s at least parting on good terms, not uncomfortable terms….

I have to admit I wasn’t the best of bosses, and did things probably wrong……my idea of how a running shoe store should run I guess wasn’t right…I always thought we should be a cross between Empire Records and a good coffee shop, and a place where I didn’t have to be the boss, just a co-worker with a lot of different responsibilities……

I don’t know how or where things went wrong, of they did, or why……but yeah, kind of depressing to know it’s something I can’t fix?……really a lot depressing….are bosses, or former bosses supposed to feel like this?…….I love our RRoom, and I finally had the best staff ever….4 people that made that store rock….it was amazing to have them, they just fit into the image I had of the perfect store, running room store…..there have been a few others that have fit that mold, and it’s kind of an emotional thing when they do leave, and yes, it’s retail, and there’s always going to be that turn over…….and yes, there have been a few (exactly 2) that I was glad to see leave, but especially these 4……..well, we’re sort of down to 3,

I guess it does no good to dwell on the past, what’s past is past, you can’t fix it….and should a boss have a broken heart?…….

Sort of like this sun burn……a pity party that maybe time will fix?…maybe not…..but I guess there’s always the great memories

life goes on

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