Friday. My Friday.

Friday, yesterday, was a pretty sweet day. A long day, but not a bad day…..

Began with me opening our Running Room. The boss is away, we don’t have a lot of staff, and I like getting in early, before I really need to be, so I can get everything I need to and/or want to do done.

It’s just catching the paperwork, cleaning the store, organizing, mop the floor, dust…shuffle some of the apparel, see what’s new…I like putting the brightest stuff up front……and then you record a bit for Facebook, cause some stuff is on sale, we have a lot of cool stuff….so let’s go live!

And then comes the co-worker, and customers.

That makes our store rock!……..I love that part..yes, we get the tire kickers that just want to look…but yesterday, well, the day before a race brings in those looking for nutrition and hydration….and a few weeks before Ironman Canada in folks gathering up what they need, and chatting, and me asking why I’m not going?….I’ve been, but it’s been a while

Could I go back?…..not sure, it would kind of nice…I just have to start training more when I have time…

Then, yes, when the store closed, the fun began….our Friday Run Club begins… a great way to say good night…..

A good day, a regular day for this retired guy….our Running Room, my happy place…I get to talk running, racing, shoes, and then run……the way life should be

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